Your Family Physician

Dr. Hanka Hulsbosch, CCFP

We understand you, your family, and your community

Family practice is based in the community and is influenced substantially by community factors. As members of your community, we are able to respond to your changing needs and adapt quickly to changing circumstances. Many family doctors are agents of change in their community; when that happens, everyone benefits.

We value the relationship we have with you. We are prepared to accompany you on your health journey, even when there is a degree of uncertainty or ambiguity. We are prepared to care for you, and to manage a variety of conditions (from acute conditions, to mental health, to chronic conditions such as diabetes). This care can take place in a variety of settings, such as the family practice, emergency department, hospital, and your home. We work with other specialist physicians and other professionals such as nurses, social workers, and pharmacists.

We know from research that individuals with chronic conditions who are cared for by family physicians tend to have better health outcomes.1 Also, those who have a family doctor report feeling better supported in navigating the health care system.2

Part of why we became family physicians is our desire to build patient-physician relationships, founded on trust, that allow us to understand your care needs.



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